Beidaihe-Shanhaiguan-the Mountain Resort in Chengde-Wulan Butong Grassland


➢ Accommodation Standard Local 4* hotels in Beidaihe + Bashang Grassland
➢ Meals 4 breakfast+ 4 dinners
➢ Vehicles Local Air-conditioned Buses
➢ Entrance Fees The entrance fees of the first gates of the scenic spots mentioned above
➢ Guide Services
➢ Shopping Notice No shopping venue is designated by the Tour Operator (TO)
➢ Train Ticket
➢ Tour Insurance Liability Insurance of Local Travel Agency
Not Included
➢ Single hotel rooms (extra costs will be borne by travelers in accordance with their requests of single rooms or extra beds), other meals and beverages, laundry service, telephone, drinks, tobacco, alcohol,pay-TV and baggage handling, etc;
➢ Any personal expenses during the free time, such as the transportation, meals, etc.;
➢ The local beers, beverages and liquors provided while having the outdoor hotpot;
➢ Fishing baits;
➢ Other expenses, such as entrance tickets not mentioned above, yachts, the entrance fees of the second gates, sightseeing buses, battery tourist buses, cable cars, monorails, bullet trains, etc.;
➢ Other children expenses, such as over-high meal price, other entrance tickets, etc.;
➢ Personal shopping or entertainment etc.;
➢ The extra (personal) costs caused by transportation delay or cancellation;
➢ Flight Insurance and Travel Accident Insurance;
➢ Human casualties and property damages due to any violation of the agreement by travelers, travelers’ faults or illness, etc.;
➢ International or domestic flights.
Remarks: The above listed itinerary and timeline are just for references, and changes may happen depending on the weather conditions and the actual tour development.

Day 1
Departure for Beidaihe You will be met by our representative at the Beidaihe Train Station at 17:00 and transferred to your hotel, and the travelers arriving in Qinhuangdao Station or Shanhaiguan Station have to directly head to the designated hotel on their own according to our “Sightseeing Notification”.
Balance of the day at leisure. If time permits depending on your arrival time, you may enjoy the optional tour of visiting the Bohai sea.
Accommodation: Local Comfort Class Hotel in Beidaihe
Meals: Not Included

Day 2
Main Purpose: Experience the tidal wave by visiting Beidaihe and the culture of the ancient citadel by visiting Shanhaiguan.
After adequate sleep, have breakfast (included) at the hotel at 8:00.
We set off for the national 4A scenic spot, Geziwo (Dove Nest) Park, the most beautiful park in Bohai, situated on the eastern highland of Beidaihe, climbing to the Yingjiao Pavilion, where we are given the majestic sight of the coast, appreciating the Tateshi Landscape that came into being about 100 million years ago and overlooking the wetland natural preserve for migratory birds, the Geziwo Tidal Flat, a haven for 405 types of migratory birds, given that there are approximately over 1,000 species of birds all around China. (about 2 hours)

Then We drive to the most picturesque natural outdoor bathing place for aquatic birds in Beidaihe, Repulse Bay, where packs of water birds congregating and hovering above the blue water. Sitting opposite to the Qinhuangdao Animal Park, the Repulse Bay is around 3,000 meters in width from east to west, and you will be met with the reassuring safety even if deep down into the seawater 200-300 meters from the shore, where the depth is always less than 1 meter, and 50 meters down from the shore is especially perfect for swimming laymen to dabble their toes in the stream due to soft tide. Binhai Wooden Trestle Bridge is about 4200 meters in length, plus the length of the ones in Beidaihe region, 7500 meters, the total amounts to 11,700 meters, stretching from the Qinhuangdao Sports Cruise Wharf in the east to Beidaihe Wetland Park in the west and sinuously spanning across the 10.4 km coastline, and we will visit 8 famous sites en route, such as Jinhaiwan (Golden Bay) Natural Bathing Place and Xin’ao Underwater Park among others.
Enjoy Beidaihe Seafood around noon.
13:00, we head to the archaeological site, Shanhaiguan Pass. Strolling in the ancient city, you will be moved by the surroundings, towering Pailous ( decorated archways) and time-honored shops among others, testifying to the wax and wane of the passed 600 years- The Duke of Weiguo tightened the border pass and built the bastions, Wu Sangui facilitated the incursion of the Qing’s troops into the region of Ming Dynasty, etc. Posing for pictures under the huge plaque with the Chinese Characters, Tian Xia Di Yi Guan or the world’s No.1 pass, never lacks spark, and gratifying your tongue with the local delicious foods, Boluo Cake, Ji’s Bean Cake, Peanut Cake, Four of the Steamed Bun, etc., is unforgettable. (2 hours)

16:00 We will departure, and arrive at the Mountain Lake Vacation Hotel (4*, upgraded accommodation for free) in Chengde after 3 hours drive. Leisure time for the rest of the day, and you cannot only opt for tasting the locally featured farm food on your own, but be intoxicated with the beauty and the tenderness of the secluded and peaceful landscape beyond the Great Wall.
Accommodation: 4 star vacation hotel in Chengde
Meals: A breakfast and a lunch are included

Day 3
Mountain Resort-Wulan Butong Grassland
06:00 Have Breakfast at hotel
06:30 Drive to visit the Mountain Resort (an UNESCO’s World Heritage Site) and the Museum, where the elegantly quiet Palace Area, the extravagantly sumptuous silkwood-built Audience Hall and eruditely enlightening Si Zhi Library, among others, will surely immerse you into the undreamable glamour. Reminisce the classic romance of “Huan Zhu Princess” by strolling the intriguing “Yanyulou”. (2-3 hours)
Enjoy the royal cuisine, “Manchu Tofu Fish”
Enjoy the exiting excursion of “Royal Hunting Ground”, Wulan Butong Grassland in Inner Mongolia, after about 4 hours drive from Mountain Resort. Pass by windmills, villages of herdsmen, flocks of cattle, sheep and horses en route,and enchanted by such typical and particular regional landscape.
18:00 Enjoy supper, 2800 RMB/lamb/tour group worth of the Roasted Complete Lamb (or a gigot/tour group in case less than 30 tourists), pickled with secret ingredients for 4 hours, and roasted for another 4 hours till it turns to be crispy outward and tender inward. Apart from that, you can tell solid bite of gourmet meat and typical steppe koumiss are perfect match. On top of that, a bonfire party will ensue and await your participation!

Accommodation: Local 4 star hotel in the grassland tour area
Meals:A breakfast, a lunch and a supper are included

Day 4
Chengde-Bashang Grassland-Duolun
Enjoy the breakfast at the hotel before setting off for Bashang Grassland.
During the in-depth grassland tour, we will visit the plateaus and the hills on the hinterland with the height difference of over 30 meters between each other.On top of that, we will be welcomed by the myriad varieties of grassland animals and flora, countless cattle and sheep flocks, galloping horses, white birch forest, gray hills and valleys, blue lakes and rivers. Of course, optional jeep drive for your convenience and comfort is always available.Sharing your thrilling grassland tour with your friends and family via Wechat will surely make you the limelight. Experience the overwhelming happiness by partaking in the delighting group activities, Grassland “Da Er Deng” Chase and Kite Competition. Itinerary: Explore the lakes and rivers of the plateau- Beigou(horses)- grazing land (cattle and sheep flocks- Jiapigou (pick wild flowers); and our trip will not conclude if you decide to race on the horseback across the grassland (optional,but it depends) .

Tips:Optional activities, such as riding grassland horses at the rate of 100 RMB/person (recommended) and the grassland experience package at the rate of 180 RMB/person (covering grass-skating, Mongolian milk tea and visiting local households, etc.), are accessible at your own expenses.
Overnight stay in local hotels in Duolun.

Accommodation: Local Comfort Class Hotel in Duolun
Meals:A breakfast and a lunch are included

Day 5
Duolun- Beijing
After breakfast, transfer the passengers to the Beijing South Railway Station (5-6 hours).
Meals: A breakfast is included

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