Yardang+Dunhuang+Jiayuguan Pass+Zhangye


For Adults:
➢ Entrance fees at the sites as mentioned above
➢ 3 breakfasts and 4 dinners
➢ nights local hotel in Dunhuang, Linze and Zhangye
➢ Private transfers in Dunhuang, Linze and Zhangye
➢ Licensed professional Guide on tours
➢ Travel Agency Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance

For children under 1.2 m:
➢ All described above for adults except BREAKFASTS.
Not Included
➢ International and Domestic flights
➢ Other optional tours
➢ Other Meals or Beverages
➢ Gratuities (optional)
➢ Any personal expenses

Day 1 Dunhuang- Yumen Pass- Yardang
Dinner Included:1 Lunch
Overnight:Dunhuang (local 4* hotel)
8:30 am, we kick off our sightseeing tour to our first stop, Yumen Pass, built in 111 BC, and the name was generally accepted by the people in Han Dynasty for being the main hub for imports of jades from the Western Regions to the Central Plains at that time.
It will take another 90 km drive to get to Yardang National Geological Park, where we will embrace the amazing craftsmanship and the majestic masterpiece of the mother nature, Yardang Landform in Dunhuang, straddling the Xinjiang-Gansu border. Known as the Ghost City in Xinjiang, the local Yardang landform looks like an ancient, huge and singular castle from the middle ages,of which the wind erosion is the actual architect.
At the end of our tour, return back to your hotel in downtown.
Balance of the day at leisure.

Day 2 Dunhuang-- the Crescent Lake of the Singing Sands Mountain, --- Mogao Grottoes
Dinner Included:1 Breakfast and 1 Lunch
Overnight:Dunhuang (local 4* hotel)
After breakfast, pick up from hotel for your tour to the Crescent Lake of the Singing Sands Mountain, which is proverbial for its desert spectacle (about 2.5 hours).
Then we head back to the downtown for our lunch before driving to Mogao Grottoes, or Thousand-Buddha Grottoes or Oriental Louvre Museum , one of the three national artistic acknowledged as the most valuable cultural discovery in 20th century worldwide, and renowned for picturesque and unparalleled fresco art home and abroad.
At the end of our tour, return back to your hotel in downtown.
Balance of the day at leisure.

Day 3 Dunhuang- Jiayuguan Pass- Linze/Zhangye
Dinner Included:1 Breakfast and 1 Lunch
Overnight:Linze/Zhangye (local 4* hotel)
After breakfast, we start our 4.5-hour drive (385 km) for the city of Jiayuguan, where we will visit the Jiayuguan Pass.
Jiayuguan is home to Jiayuguan Pass, the largest and most intact pass, or entrance, of the Great Wall. Jiayuguan Pass was built in the early Ming dynasty, somewhere around the year 1372. It was built near an oasis that was then on the extreme western edge of China. Jiayuguan Pass was the first pass on the west end of the great wall so it earned the name “The First And Greatest Pass Under Heaven.” Legend goes that the official in charge asked the designer to calculate how many bricks would be used. The designer gave him the number and when the project was finished, only one brick was left. It was put on the top of the pass as a symbol of commemoration.
The fortress there was greatly strengthened due to fear of an invasion by Timur but Timur died of old age while leading an army toward China. It was also a feared place as here Chinese who were banished for various crimes were ordered to leave toward the west and never return.
At the end of our tour, drive to Zhangye/ Linze, and overnight stay in the local hotels.

Day 4 Zhangye- Danxia Landform
Dinner Included:1 Breakfast and 1 Lunch
Overnight:Linze/Zhangye (local 4* hotel)
After having our breakfast in the hotel, we depart for Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park (40 km or about 1-hour drive). Recently, discover little-known landscapes -- Zhangye Qilian Mountains Danxia landform group, has found that Danxia landform group is located in the northern foot of Qilian Mountains, at an altitude of 2000 meters to 3800 meters, about 40 kilometers east-west, north-south width of 5 ~ 10 km, distribution in the area of 300 square kilometers. Zhangye Danxia landforms in Linze Ni Jia NanZi Cun, 40 kilometers away from Zhangye city. In the area of one hundred square mountain hills, with strange shapes, colors, of great momentum of the Danxia landform. Danxia is a red sandstone through long-term weathering and peel and water erosion, the formation of isolated peaks and steep rocks.
Then we will have our lunch before heading back to the downtown in Linze/Zhangye. (around 12:00)

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